Proven And Effective Candida Diets That Can Cure Candida Infection

Do you have Candida? If Yes, This Candida Diets for you

Not many people know what candida exactly is and what they look like. But candida diets can control and cure most of the infection.

Candida or yeast infection is an infection caused by the overgrowth of a microorganism called Candida albicans. This particular fungus is normally found in the stomach as it aids in the digestive process. However, it can cause harmful side effects if it is found on other parts of the body such as the mouth, skin folds, the vagina and or the penis.

What Role Does Food Play In My Yeast Infection (Candida)?

You may be puzzled by the connection between yeast infections and food. Simply put, what goes into your body must come out. If you eat a lot of sugary foods, the excess sugar will exit through the urine. Yeast, a normally beneficent fungus, can explode when fed a lot of sugar. Although everyone has some yeast, it must be kept in check. Once the yeast fungus is allowed to grow unhindered, it will most likely cause a yeast infection.

Diet is important in the treatment of the disease. The following candida diets can be of great help to completely get rid of the candida infection

• A diabetic diet is advised as it contains less sugar. All the foods that are rich in sugar must be taken in small amount. Food such as cookies, cake, candies, sodas, and ice creams should be taken with precautions. Sweetened food that are made from artificial sugar called saccharine or aspartame or stevia extract need to be taken with moderation. Sugar intake can further worsen the infection as it can cause overgrowing of Candida albicans. Three days of sugar restriction may enhance the possibility of curing the disease.

• White starch food such as white pasta, bread, cakes and white rice must also be prohibited. You should take whole grains in moderation. If you are on a carbohydrate diet, you need to lessen the intake of the following foods to lessen the possibilities of growing more Candida albicans. Dairy products are harmless unless you are allergic to them.

• The increase of intake of essential oils can be a great help. Oils such as omega-3 oils, fish oils such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardine, and other oils such as flaxseed oils, borage, and primrose oils can be a good diet. You should at least take one tablespoon of these oils per day. Some oils that are found in some food such as salads, canola oil and olive oils can be useful as well. You should include avocado oils and nut oils as they are helpful in treating the disease as well.

• Do not just take any antibiotic without any prescription from a doctor. Antibiotics and cortisone-type prescriptions should not be taken as possible, as some of these drugs are harmful and can increase the growth of these microorganisms.

• Regular intake of yogurt about two to three servings a day can also help in curing the infection. Yogurt contains a special ingredient called acidophilus that is a powerful and proven ingredient for treating the infection.

These are the diets that a yeast infected patient should take. However, before taking these diets it is advisable that you should consult your physician first for a more thorough medical diagnosis and assistance.

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